Wed, June 26

Letter: Map C is for Cornville


I looked at the proposed Yavapai County Supervisor District Map A, but saw a problem right away, because I want all Cornvillians, both north and south of Cornville Road, to be represented by the same County Supervisor. Cornville Road is the community’s heart line for goodness sake! So, I wondered where to find the people to offset my addition to District 3; and it was immediately apparent that Prescott Valley was the likely source. Lo and behold, Map C takes care of that!

I favor Map C because it keeps the Cornville community in one district. The Cornville planning area, including neighborhoods from Page Springs to Lower Oak Creek, Verde Santa Fe and Tissaw Road area, should be all in one district. The Cornville Community Association (CCA) has worked long and hard, in cooperation with the County, to develop a vision and establish a sense of community. We want to maintain that relationship and not lose the cohesiveness that we’ve gained.

I like Map C for its urban-rural mix. It gives every district a piece of the County’s main urban area in Prescott and Prescott Valley and proximity to the county seat. All five supervisors will have responsibilities for constituents in the urban hub, as well as those in rural areas. It will allow each supervisor to gain a broad perspective and appreciate the big picture on county-wide issues.

Map C makes sense when it comes to getting around. It seems to have been developed with travel corridors in mind for supervisors to reach their constituents and travel to and from the county seat with ease. District 1 has SR 89A and Williamson Valley Road. District 2 is essentially the same as it’s always been with SR 89A as its main route from Wickenburg to Prescott. District 3 has SR 89A, SR 260 & Cornville Road. District 4 follows the I-17 corridor and SR 169. District 5, which appears awkward at first, has I-17 and SR 69, but also the option of using SR 89A as a shortcut from Sedona to Prescott Valley.

Map C complements geographic and regional relationships within the Verde Valley. Having two supervisors representing “our side” of the mountain will be beneficial because each supervisor will have (1) more time and energy to focus on local concerns and (2) many opportunities to join forces on matters of valley-wide concern. Both should equate to more clout in Prescott!

Prescott Valley might not be too happy with Map C, so some tweaking might be in order for municipal, fire, school and boundaries to coincide in a way that makes residents happy. Prescott Valley is certainly a major growth area that deserves attention; but for Cornville, Map C is best!

Judy Miller