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Letter: Germany is not bordering Russia


Honor, respect and great appreciations for having served in WWII, but there is a need to respond to the Letter to the Editor with the title WWII is over, Sunday, October 23, 2011. If there are still some remaining troops in Europe respectively Germany, they have been greatly reduced since the fall of the communism in 1989. The ones left are as much in the interest of the United States as it is to the whole of Europe and not of Germany alone. The stationing of US troops, to the best of my knowledge, it is not costing trillions of dollars, as expressed by the writer. The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are costing trillions of dollars for well-known facts.

May be the writer of the letter to the Editor has the cruise missiles in mind, that were to be installed under the last Bush administration in Poland and Czech Republic. But that also would not have cost trillions of dollars.

Not clear either is in his letter when he writes: ”It is costing U.S. taxpayers trillions of dollars to defend the German border against the Russians.” Just to get the geography straight. Germany is bordering Poland, Czech Republic, Austria and Switzerland but not Russia.

For the USA to remain in NATO meaning North Atlantic Treaty Organization is as much to interest and security for the USA as it is for all of Europe. It is of considerable interest of US to secure Europe. As European countries are vital to the US’s economy, monetary issues, and for US’s security.

“The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) an organization developed to implement the North AtlanticTreaty, signed on April 4, 1949 and entered force on Aug. 24, 1949, which sought to establish a military counterweight to the Soviet military presents in postwar Europe. NATO continued thereafter a the primary collective defense agreement of the Western powers in opposition to Communist forces in Europe. Members include western European countries, United Kingdom and the USA.” (The New Encyclopedia Britannica)

2011: NATO is an Alliance that consists of 28 independent member countries. US troops were kept after the Cold War due to a commitment to Europe and NATO. And in case of a possible conflict in the Middle East. American troops in Europe would allow a quick responds.

From Wikipedia: “Since the end of the Cold War in 1990’s, U.S. Army units in Germany conducted peacekeeping operations in Bosnia and Kosovo.” “Air Force units in Europe focused primarily on providing logistical support to the Army units stationed there and on enforcing the “no fly” zones over Iraq between 1991 and 2003. When not deployed, U.S. military units in Europe spent their time training and conducting exercises with other NATO nations”. “Today, the military units stationed in Germany spend most of their energy on Iraq. Ramstein Air Base and the U.S. Air Force units there serve as a logistics and transportation hub for operations; the Landstuhl military hospital at Ramstein takes care of serious U.S. casualties from Iraq.“

“As of 31 March 2008, U.S. Forces were stationed at more than 820 installations in at least 39 countries. Some of the largest contingents are the 142,000 military personnel in Iraq, the 56,200 in Germany, the 33,122 in Japan, 26,339 in South Korea, 31,100 in Afghanistan and approximately 9,700 each in Italy and the United Kingdom. These numbers change frequently due to the regular recall and deployment of units”.

The writer points out, that World War II has been over for over 60 years. Could it not be that because of NATO and the stationing of American troops in Europe, including Germany, that there has not been a war for over 60 years? Give great, great respect and honor to those who protect the Western World.

It is absolutely understandable for having resentments, hard feelings and bitterness considering what soldiers in WWII had to endure, scarifies, suffer and witness.

As far as the writer’s idea to deploy the American troops along the Mexican border is concerned, I like to quote: “Walls keep us safe, but lonely; highly functioning, yet disconnected. The danger of our barriers is a kind of sclerosis of the soul, a deadening of our humanity.”

I hope people will remember that there is no longer the Berlin Wall. A wall that divided West Germany and East Germany, from the Baltic Sea to Austria. It dived not only Berlin. That wall fell in 1989.

Anke Pitrella


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