Tue, Aug. 20

Friends of Q

Saturday morning as I was just about to go out and sit on the deck with Q, he came flying through the door and up on the valences in the dining room to check out the scene. Thinking I knew what had got him inside so quickly I grabbed the long lens and headed out the door; sure enough there was one of the bobcat kittens; he's grown a bit and probably around 20 plus pounds now and looking well fed. Once again I headed out over rocks and through burr infested weeds without shoes ... a matter of priorities. He gave me about ten minutes to get shots of him and seemed to enjoy our conversation. It was hard to get a focus because he was behind some weeds then brush, but with a combination of auto focus and manual adjustments to the focus most came out pretty good.

Some law on tap today and then it is out on respite break for me through Saturday. A few days in San Diego county visiting with friends and seeing gem and mineral exhibits and getting some good photos ... I hope. Corky has plans for many lunches, movies and shopping trips. A short break, but a needed one as once again I go more than a year with no days off from the caregiving duties. As always I wish that the underlying issues could be resolved so that Corky didn't need a caregiver and or could take a break from MS, but we live in the world that is and that is good and filled with blessings with or without disabilities. So Tuesday morning the '95 van (391,000 miles) and I hit the road to California and another adventure. I'll be bringing my laptop along so should be able to get photos out as usual.

Have a delightful week; enjoy your life and those around you and toss in a friendly smile for those you see each day.