Fri, July 19

SAGA opens new art exhibit at National Bank

Joanie Wolter – “Incognito” sculpture

Joanie Wolter – “Incognito” sculpture

The SAGA (Sedona Area Guild of Artists) is a community outreach organization attempting to build Sedona's cultural reputation in cooperation with other arts organizations.

One way it is doing this is to spear head a drive to create a Sedona Art Museum (SAM).

SAGA is holding an art show at the National Bank of Arizona in Support of SAM. A portion of all sales during this show will be donated to the development of SAM. The show will run from Nov. 25 to Dec. 2 from 9 to 4 p.m. weekdays. Donations toward SAM may be made at the Bank. (For more information go to

SAGA Master Signature Artist, painter M.L. Coleman, and SAGA Founding Artist, sculptor Joanie Wolter will be the featured artists in this show. M.L. Coleman, a pleine aire painter and gallery co-owner, just returned from Ireland where he created many pieces during more than twenty days of solid rain. (Such are the dangers of Pleine Aire.) Coleman has developed a technique for bringing together two or more conceptually connected pieces into one coherent unity.

Unlike a traditional triptych, this technique allows the pieces to be combined in a far more contemporary way. Coleman's minimalist approach, with a touch of color here and suggestive line there, creates in our minds eye a variety of agrarian and Arizona landscapes his collectors are eager to acquire.

SAGA Founding Member, Joanie Wolter, is about humor. Her art and her persona both make us smile. Wolter does sculpture with a flair. When she does a bird she is just as likely to put a cigar in its mouth, and most certainly it will have a humorous title. She has a definite style, creating each sculpture with its own new and different character.

Other artists, participating will be Master Signature Artist Bonnie Hartenstein, Clyde "Ross" Morgan and Founding artists Jerry Buley, Ph.D., Mary Dove, Jack Durrwachter, Csaba Martonyi, Barbara Ragalyi, Forrest Sigwart, Holly Stedman, and Barbara Vickers. All are award winning artists whose works are in the homes and buildings of many hundreds of collectors both national and international. All have come together as strong supporters of the Sedona Art Museum.

SAGA wishes to thank the National Bank of Arizona as our host for this exceptional 2 week exhibition of SAGA's art and artists. Bank location: West Sedona next to Frontier Market, 1470 W. 89A. Contact Jerry Buley, cell (602) 750-0419.