Wed, July 17

Tlaquepaque in Winter wins photo award

Tlaquepaque in Winter

Tlaquepaque in Winter

The Southwest Professional Photographers Association annual print competition saw Bob Coates Photography garner three Merits one of which was the venerable Sedona landmark Tlaquepaque entrance.

"When Sedona received about 6 inches of sticky wet snow last winter and light clouds hung in there I knew I was in for a photographic treat!" said Bob. "Of course I ran around to various rock formations and snow-covered trees and captured some great stuff, but I was looking for something more. I love the look of Tlaquepaque and the snow outlining the walls and trees was something you don't see everyday so that made it even more special."

Apparently the judges also thought so and scored the print treatment 'Excellent' with a score of 87.

Coates also received merits for two flower images. 'Flowerscape' is a black and white image of a gerber daisy with incredible depth and dimension. The last print, 'Past Prime Number Three' is from a series of flower images that have dried out and some would consider them to no longer have beauty. Bob is exploring artistic fine art photography effects to highlight details that others may have missed.

"When my wife Holly first saw me starting to photograph the 'Past Prime' Series she thought I had lost my mind photographing dead flowers," laughed Coates. "After I spent some hours working with the images on the computer, she saw the finished images and said, 'Oh, I get it now!'"

Some of the images from the "Past Prime' are currently on display at the new Sedona Treasures Gallery in at Hillside across from Javilina Cantina.

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