Thu, Oct. 17

Letter: Keeping an eye on Lions Club collections


We appreciate everyone who have supported and donated their aluminum cans to our containers in the local recycling locations.

The Cottonwood Lions Club has had a very painful experience over the last five months at our two aluminum can recycling sites. Our containers have been broken into multiple times even after extensive and expensive remodeling. Each time we have tried to make it more secure with new locks, however determined thieves have still been able to break in. Twice we have had a professional welder fabricate a security locking device to no avail. This has cost us $300 and we have filed three police reports.

Since July we have lost an estimated $700 worth of aluminum cans. Therefore, we have lost an estimated $1,000. This represents at least 20 needy residents in our community who will not be able to receive glasses from us. Besides our four White Cane Day drives each year, our aluminum cans are our only source of revenue to provide needed services to the community which is very disturbing to us.

We have now have developed extensive strategies and security at our bins `and our aluminum can collections are now doing what it is supposed to be doing, putting eye glasses on persons who can not afford them.

Please, continue to support us by donating to our containers and report anyone you see stealing cans or tampering with our containers. Thank You.

Cottonwood Lions Club

PO Box 516


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