Tue, July 23

Plenty of blue on the highway as DPS conduct 'Operation Safe Passage'
'10 mile detail' returns on Thanksgiving eve

ARIZONA -- Today (Wednesday) is one of the busiest travel days of the year and among the most deadly. During the Thanksgiving weekend of 2010, there were 12 fatal crashes leading to 13 people being killed statewide, of which four were alcohol related crashes.

More travelers are expected to take to the roads during the Thanksgiving holiday and DPS officers will be out in force in an effort to help ensure travelers arrive safely at their destinations. Arizona drivers will see DPS officers every 10 miles along the four major Interstates in the state.

"Operation Safe Passage" will primarily focus on Interstates 8, 10, 17 and 40. Officers will be stationed about every 10 miles on these interstates in the rural areas. On the Interstates that run through major metropolitan areas, officers will be stationed about every two miles.

The goal of "Operation Safe Passage" is to ensure a quick response to incidents along the highways and maintain a "zero tolerance" approach towards speed, following too closely, unsafe lane changes and other hazardous moving violations.

Ultimately, the Department of Public Safety would like to remind drivers to use their seatbelts and child restraint systems, get plenty of rest before a trip, and stay sober during their travels.