Sun, April 05

Right to left

I got some shots of ducks down at the ponds today including some takeoff and landing sequences. Actually there are fifteen shots in this photo sequence, but I deleted all but three due to lack of space. I love the transition in the landing from flight to slightly less elegant water work. On the right you can see the Greenhead starting his flare and web feet going forward to provide the initial contact rather like a plane landing on floats; the next image of him the feet are beginning to skim the water and you can see the froth beginning to build under his seat; the third image of him shows how he lowers his breast to the water using the resistance of the water to brake and return to normal status paddling around the ponds. After we left the ponds we headed up to the airport and I got a great late afternoon flight in ...then landed engine off with the same style and grace. Anyhow I thought it would be fun to do the sequence and hope you enjoy it too.

Nice day today and Corky joined me at the ponds and the airport. It was good to be back up there. Got some nice shots of last light on the rocks and may send one out tomorrow night.

Corky and I want to wish each and every one of you a very Happy Thanksgiving. There are so many blessings in our life and much of it comes from you and knowing that you enjoy these missives and photos. Thank you!

Cheers and give thanks for the day and everyone's presence in it.

Best always


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