Fri, July 19

Goldenstein Gallery: 'Feel the Love'

On Friday, Dec. 2, 5-8 p.m., Goldenstein Gallery in uptown Sedona kicks off its ultimate holiday show "Feel The Love." This dynamic show features a jewelry extravaganza of distinctive pieces artistically designed to enhance the stones and make the wearer feel special by Mary Fisher, Cheston Trammel, Dorit Herlinger, and Michael Redhawk and Cynthia Downs Apodaca. 

Other inspiring gifts include Kaleidoscopes of Steve Failows, hand-carved boxes by Luis Fairfield, exotic wood jewelry boxes by Judd Lotts, hand-painted silk scarves by Jacqueline Jackson, ceramic teapots by Sandy Terry, and delightful bronze stocking stuffers by celebrated sculptors Liz Wolf, Star York, and Sherab Khandro..

Mary Fisher's captivating "Feel The Love Bracelets" are the result of Fisher exploring ways to give HIV-affected women a livelihood to provide for themselves and their children. The key was finding a product the women could make, with skills they already had or could learn; and a way to sell that product in the United States. The bracelets were originally featured in "O" magazine and completely sold out. This month for the holiday season Mary is debuting two stunning new designs: The Unity Bracelet and Necklace and the Blessings Bracelet. Each of these comes in 11 different color choices.

The gallery is also featuring Fisher's line of exquisite fine jewelry and artwork designed and created by Mary in Sedona.  

Cheston Trammel is a fifth-generation Arizonan. He has a fascination for native stone and carving.  His handcrafted necklaces "Arizona Spirit Bundles" are adorned with turquoise, silver beads, fetishes and Anasazi pottery.  Prayers and blessings are woven into each of these pieces. His distinctive and comfortable-to-wear pieces are prized and worn by both men and women.

Michael Redhawk 's jewelry reflects his fascination with the magical qualities of stones.  All his work features settings designed to enhance the gemstones exquisite natural brilliance.  

The sights, smells and sounds of the Arizona desert life and the holy city of Jerusalem, influence Dorit Herlinger's elegant art jewelry and Judaica. Dorit is 11th-generation born in Jerusalem. She uses sterling silver, eighteen-karat gold, and a variety of vibrant mixed media including glass. She was recently part of a 3-woman show in Croatia.  Her Judaic art includes Menorahs, Mezuzahs, Dreidels and Star of David jewelry.

Goldenstein Gallery is located at 390 N. SR 89A in uptown Sedona