Tue, Oct. 22

Davidson and Freeman 'Celebrate Diversity' at Jerome Cooperative

Jerome Artists Cooperative members, Sally Davidson and Sid Freeman are more than just casual friends and art colleagues; the two women also share the unique bond of long-time membership in the successful art gallery which is currently celebrating its 15th year in Jerome. Davidson is a founding member of the Jerome Cooperative gallery and was one of two dozen artists on hand to sign the first documents in 1996. Freeman became a member just a year later in 1997, and for both women, the Artists Cooperative has been a major part of their lives ever since.

As an art student at the University of Wyoming, Sid Freeman specialized in painting, design and lithography. After graduating in 1977, she worked in advertising at the Laramie Daily Boomerang in Laramie, Wyoming, where she discovered the usefulness of calligraphy and then let it become a fascination.  With the help of a grant to study lettering from the Wyoming Council of the Arts and taking many workshops from the Colorado Calligraphers, she opened her own calligraphy business in 1987.

Twenty years in the commercial art field, made her realize "the computer was pushing the hand-lettering business out the door.  It was time to slowly work back to my painterly roots, but this time, I would include lettering."

In 1993, she and her husband moved to Prescott Valley where she continues to produce her unique hand-lettered paintings. The JAC member/artist is honored to show her work at the gallery. "Without the co-op, I would not have had the opportunity of interaction which has helped me grow so exponentially."

Sally Davidson earned a degree in Sculpture and Art History at Occidental College in Los Angeles, then spent a year in France where she traveled, studied the great artists and generally enriched her knowledge of the Fine Arts. She has taught art for many years and continues to display her work at the Jerome Co-op.

Davidson's body of work in the past has included various sculptures cast in paper, wood, clay and cold cast bronze, but when asked to choose her favorite art medium, the artist quickly replies, "my current favorite is acrylics; I have been doing acrylic painting with a focus on unusual animals and trees." Her choice of subjects for both sculpture and painting underscores a concern for some of the planet's most endangered creatures such as narwhals -the tusked whales of the Artic, and pangolins - a nearly extinct type of armored anteater found in Asia and Africa.

Both artists will be showing their newest works during the nine week exhibition.

Celebrate Diversity will run through Nov. 30, daily 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Jerome Artists Cooperative Gallery is in the Hotel Jerome, 502 Main St., Jerome, (928) 639-4276.

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