Wed, April 08

Letter: Thanks for helping to make my point


Dale Gohr’s letter in response to my plea for civility and fairness only helps to make my point about the Right’s irrational hatred of President Obama and all things Democratic.

Although he is civil, Mr. Gohr is not exactly fair. He claims that he does not “excuse” Bush for his role in the disastrous state of the economy. Then he goes on to do just that. He says that Bush had to deal with a “strongly Democrat-controlled House for the last four years of his administration.” But Democrats did not control the House of Representatives from 1995-2007. They did not control the Senate from 1995-2001 and from 2003-2006. Further, Democrats have had a filibuster-proof majority only once in recent years. Yet, unlike Republicans, Democrats seldom vote as a unified block, so even when they’ve enjoyed a majority, they could not break the record number of filibusters by Republicans.

Mr. Gohr cites many other “facts” to support his ideology, most of them equally incorrect. But that’s not the point. The greater issue is that all political activists can present “facts” to support their arguments, myself included. But “facts” can be wrong or taken out of context. Indeed, there are many facts, but only one truth. And the truth is that our economic mess is the result of many factors: I’d suggest some of those factors are inadequate or misdirected oversight and regulation, greedy financial institutions that encouraged home buyers to accept mortgages they could not afford, large corporations that exported our jobs and now refuse to import their foreign profits, two ill-conceived wars conducted in large part by private contractors that were awarded wasteful no-bid contracts, and the Bush-era tax cuts.

The sooner we can set aside ideological differences and seek the truth, the sooner we can actually start to solve our problems.

Gary LaMaster


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