Mon, Jan. 20

Easy advice from OCC Ladies Club Golf champ

The Ladies Club Golf Championship this year was an exciting duel between Lori Zahn and Donna Cantello.

Like the dueling banjo song we all know and, well, know, first one dominated and then the other.

By day three it was hole by hole exchange of leadership finally won by Zahn in what she called “a crazy back and forth” for the lead in this stroke play match.

It is Zahn’s second consecutive win of the Ladies OCC Championship.

I spoke to Lori about the win and about how the tournament went in general. It’s my impression that she thrives on competition and is just one of those people who have found their sport. I’m still wondering if there is sport for me to excel in - one that is based on walking, socializing and drinking coffee.

Oh, yeah, I think it is golf.

So, it turns out that Lori Zahn has a pointer or two for us all to become better golfers.

Watching the golf channel. Easy enough and it has been proven over and over again that we learn by looking.

By watching good golfers, we are likely to become better ourselves.

Also, by playing with golfers that are better than ourselves raises our game.

Also proven is that the group is stronger than the individual player in most things.

Thirdly, get out there and learn to compete. In golf tournaments there are plenty of ways to win.

True enough there are probably less ways of winning than there are ways of losing but at the risk of being too Pollyanna, if you are playing, you are never a loser.

If you weren’t in the tournament this year, make a pledge to up your game and participate next year.

It will raise your game just thinking about it.

The Ladies OCC Tournament does not cost anything for members to attend and Lori promised to stay at home next year - JK. (just kidding.

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