Thu, July 18


... is on the prowl and this Coopers Hawk witnessed part of the transformation that is occurring within the household as Q continues the preparations for Halloween and decided to get out of Dodge whilst he is still able. Check out the talons on "Coop"; he uses them to sink into his prey in flight and if a creature like him is worried about Q we should all have some concerns.

Corky and I had a great weekend and the ISO100 group met Saturday at our home and it was some very special fun. We have some great photographers in the group and enjoyed several presentations; two landscape presentations by Guy & Derek, and Jeff did a great show of some of his photojournalism work here and in Africa. I have always loved still photography and will never make a transition into any other form of the art; it is all the emotion, the beauty, the sadness, the energy ....everything is frozen for all time to bear witness to that brief moment in time when it was captured and we can live it again in solitude; with reflection.

An all-time culinary achievement was attained at the meeting too. A dream come true ... everyone brought desert!!! Actually it was quite healthy and I'm sure the good Dr. Butman will be pleased to know that we had the following: Coconut (cream pie), Apple (crumb pie), Cherry (Boston Cream cake), Pumpkin (pie with whip cream), Vitamin Ch (Brownies) and Granola (bars with pecans, walnuts all held together with chocolate). Add to that the meat dish we prepared and a little salad and you have a wonderful and very health conscious meal.

Coffee brews in about three hours so time for a brief rest before the day continues. Have a wonderful day and prepare yourself for Q later tonight ... do you really want to open the door to trick or treaters tonight?