Mon, Jan. 20

This week at Grace Lutheran

Grace Community Lutheran Church, 5100 Stevenson, Rimrock, meets for Sunday Service at 10:30 a.m.

I am getting tired of the heat and therefore tired of summer. And I don’t even live in the warmer part of Arizona. We do get tired of things that are unpleasant after a while don’t we?

I wonder if God gets tired of people’s sin. In the same way that  heat, or cold if you live up north, seems to go on forever, people seem to just keep on sinning and turning away from God. I wonder if He feels the same frustration that we feel when unpleasantness goes on to long. I am not sure if I can get my mind around how God might feel about our sin, but I can see that in His response to it, He has been incredibly patient, and even more incredibly forgiving. Some people look at the world and question God or even the existence of God because sin and pain continue.

We could also look at the world and feel  very lucky that God has chosen to deal with sin in a way that did not include the elimination of the sinner. In the Christian view God will some day make all things right and good. For now we should be thankful that not only has he not destroyed sin and sinner, he has also made it possible for us to change and be different.

Are you taking advantage of this opportunity to be changed and thereby doing your small part to change the world? It is a different way of approaching the problem of pain and sin in the world. My hope and prayer you will experience God in this powerful and good way.

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