Sat, July 20

Letter: Respect my beliefs and I’ll respect yours


I have just finished reading the letter from Bill Bullock. Frankly, I don't know where to begin! One question that I would like to ask of Mr. Bullock is, what exactly is your definition of socialism? After I get that answer (hopefully) I will be able to comment on other parts of your letter.

I agree that we all have a right to freedom of speech. I also believe that we all have a right to our own beliefs and with that comes the right to not have someone intrude their "rules" or religious beliefs on anyone else.

There was a reason for separation of church and state. I feel that religion is being interjected into our government in a way that doesn't honor all the people of our country. One group should not decide what everyone has to follow.

If you feel that you would prefer government to leave you alone, I'm beginning to feel that way about the overpowering messages and yes, preachiness that is taking over this country.

I would appreciate everyone honoring and celebrating the “differences” that we may have and respecting the rights of others to worship in whatever way they feel, personally, is right for them.

Now, as to the abortion issue, I am not disagreeing with you. It may not be my choice, but I would still want the “right” to have control over my own body be my choice and not the government’s choice or any religious group’s choice.

You think the government is becoming too invasive in your life, but I also believe that certain religious factions are also trying to impose themselves on the people of America and to that, I will object.

I respect your right to your beliefs, please respect mine.

As for the healthcare bill, or for that matter any new laws that are written, it seems that there is always good and bad mixed in. In order to get the good, for some reason we have to accept what we deem to be bad as well.

I am not a big fan of this President. However, because of issues in my own family, there are certain aspects of this bill that will help and protect my loved ones and millions of others who are in their same position.

Eliminating pre-existing conditions is a very big factor for the millions of people who are living with chronic diseases and cannot get health insurance if they change jobs, etc. (I also believe that every American citizen has a right to have healthcare.) That is just one of the positives ... there are more.

Unfortunately, we have to accept the negatives to get the positives. That seems to be the way of politics in this country.

As for your wish to have less government involvement in our lives, who would help us during a national disaster (hurricanes, floods, tornadoes, etc. etc.)? The lack of government involvement (banking and mortgage industry regulations as one example) led to the collapse of that system. Do you want more of that for our country?

My feelings are that we are supposed to be “by the people for the people” and that has gotten away from us big time.

Nowadays, these politicians seem to be a lot more interested in “one upping” each other and fighting amongst themselves than protecting and defending the interests of the people who elected them.

If we could take our country back, and have honest people who truly care about what is happening to this land we love, perhaps we could see some improvement.

Unfortunately, no one seems to have the answers and I’m afraid no one ever will at the rate we’re going.

N. Jontow