Thu, April 02

On the deck

It is wonderful having the cooler weather arrive and late afternoon Corky, Q and I retired to the deck to enjoy the fresh air and relax a bit. Q and I spend less time relaxing than we do searching for critters of interest and he perches on the back of the bench down a few feet from me and intently checks for prey and predators. Q is one of those creatures that is somewhere in the middle of life's ranking; he is predator to many and prey to a few. A Coopers Hawk arrived and spent a short time in a nearby tree looking for prey; they primarily take other birds (mostly dove and similar sized birds) for food and most of their kills are in mid-air. Check those talons out, very effective tool to capture, kill and assist in the eating of their prey. He stayed for a while and then was off in search of his meal. Predators have a real intensity in their appearance whilst hunting and I enjoy capturing those moments of intensity.

I added a couple of more links to the photographers page on website; check them out. I added Jennifer Parsons who does some of the most beautiful photography of people that I have seen and check her website out at: . Also I added Jason Youn who has been doing a great job at making a living with photography and check his website out at: If you need some work done in their areas of expertise contact them. Friendly and competent people.

Mid-week and a busy day underway. Have a wonderful day and be a blessing to those you meet today ... tomorrow works fine too.



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