Tue, Oct. 15

It is good ...

and while others worked, and predators hunted I changed my plans and took off with a friend. I actually did work from 5A to 1P today and then I took off to get some great shots of herons, hawks, eagles and such. I brought two camera's with me including the combo that gave me a 640mm lens and a 100mm macro for some wildflowers. A friend was visiting Corky and on the way down to the ponds I was stopping at the airport to show a friend's uncle the Lambada; he flew bigger stuff like B-52's. Once at the airport a strange thing happened and the trip to the ponds was scrubbed and I found myself getting the ship out of the shade and Norris and I were on the way down the runway for adventures in the sky. The long glass wouldn't fit in the plane and the 100mm macro was not exactly designed to aerial shooting, but it was a make do day.

The sun and shade were beautiful on the ground and rocks and I was able to get some decent shots with the 100mm macro lens. This shot was taken from just east of the airport looking roughly NNE. Thumb Butte and other formations whose names I don't know were lit up and patterns of shadows moved in a slow dance across the Colorado Plateau. Left center Oak Creek is coming down the canyon and 89A wend its way up canyon. Oak Creek forks and bears left in the upper third while Munds canyon continues on a diagonal towards the upper right. To the right of the main formation you can see Schnebly Hill road heading up canyon and you can see the switchbacks going up the rim. Made the photo a little larger tonight so you could better enjoy it.

It was fun and it was good, but that is the norm if we let it be so.

We're into the weekend and I need to get back to some documents I am drafting; think I'll leave this photo on my other screen whilst I work to recall the beauty now lived and past. Have a wonderful day and weekend ... spread some joy and pass on smiles as I think a lot of people can use that now.



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