Wed, Oct. 16

Letter: When you take risk out of capitalism you destroy individual initiative


Risk-takers in our society remind me of an analogy that stated “A lynch mob is democracy-in-action.”

You see, when you have a strict majority rule, those that have little, become envious of those that have more and start figuring ways to separate the more affluent from their wealth. It matters not how much investment, financial loss, personal sacrifice, work or risks were involved in the rich becoming more wealthy, it only matters that “They have got more than we do, so they should be required to share what they have with us.”

Isn’t that in reality extortion? Only when it is done by the governing body that writes and administers the laws; it becomes legal no matter how unethical the act is.

When you use the government to take the assets from one and distribute them among the others (with the political structure stealing an excessive administrative fee), you have the basic tenants of socialism, which is the form of government that all the other “ISMS” are built upon; Communism, Nazism, and Fascism come to mind as past tried and failed attempts at Totalitarianism.

Now we have a situation that was started a long time ago (more than 100 years); wherein the call for a “New World Order” is attempting to force the United States into a worldwide totalitarian governing system and the greatest obstacle to accomplishing that horrendous mess” is the free market economy, which is the major thing that has set the United States apart from other nations of the world.

When you take risk out of capitalism you destroy individual initiative and this has been the apparent intent of those pushing the “New World Order” for a long time. The current president and his administration appear to be in a full-throttle mode; destine to promote socialism, which is the subtle, feel-good ploy that can do to masses of people, the same thing as a soft lullaby can do to a sleepy child.

If we do not wake-up and stop the legalized theft along with the excessive and unreasonable regulations that are being done to risk-takers, who already should have been placed on the endangered species list. We are shamefully close to destroying the most vital minority in freedom and if our course does not change, our nation as we know it will collapse by majority rule.

Dale Gohr


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