Thu, April 02

Before the stars ...

... the last light from our star illuminates the landscape and causes the red rocks to glow for a few minutes before the comfort of darkness washes across the land. Near days end Corky and I took off hoping to get some nice shots of the Sedona area and with a wider angle than I could do with the camera I had on board last week. Schnebly Hill and Thumb Rock are seen in the distance just below the horizon on the right side of the image. The photo was taken from about 12 nautical miles SW of Sedona and the view is to the ENE at about 7,500'. In order to give you a more accurate look at the beauty we see I will be using various formats for the photos instead of the usual 800 x 600 pixels (image) I have been using. That just gets too restrictive and it is not how I print the images for the gallery or otherwise. So freedom of format once again prevails. With the sun moving further south I am getting a better angle on the rocks too, and life is just nice!

The email I sent out last Thursday night was bounced off all persons with addresses, so for you to see that one go to our website , click on Teds Blog and it will take you there. My mail server with Network Solutions is having a lot of problems tonight too so hoping this will go out okay. If my blog is still down you can see it at: visit as well.

The week is off to a great start, cooler weather is coming, Corky is flying with me again and all is well. Have a great day and share some beauty and warm smiles and thoughts with others.

Enjoy life!


No mighty castle rose above our heads with lofty mien; but at each ended day

The star-lit dome of God's all peaceful night held fast our faith and love through all the years.

And now, my son, choose you what course you'll lead.

Max Ehrmann

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