Sun, April 05


... I heard from my friend Dick this morning and he told me how much he enjoyed the photo of the sunset last night. I remember another sunset when I visited him a number of years ago; he and I had spent a full day visiting Longwood Gardens, Brandywine Museum, the old black powder mills and on the way home to his farm the sky exploded in color and he pulled off the road so I could get a few shots of the sky. This is one of my favorites as the sunset gave a soft glow that settled over the countryside and created a colorful mirror out of a pond. I hope you enjoy the image and no matter where you live look for and find beauty ... it is always there just waiting to be discovered.

I also heard from Bob and he reminded me that this sky was reminiscent of a night that he and I landed back at Sedona late and the sky was filled with incredibly garish colors like this and the one from last night. Need to revisit those too. For those interested in such things this was shot with an Olympus E-1 camera 14-54mm lens at 40mm, 1/160th shutter speed, ISO 400. Hand held of course :-)

Into kind of a special day and I plan on relaxing, flying and just enjoying myself; except for Corky's caregiving, it will be a day off for me. A little selfish I suppose, but nice!!!

Have a wonderful day, enjoy the gift of breathing, it is my favorite exercise.



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