Mon, July 15

A week

... or so ago, the wonderful snow ,melt was underway and I decided to try and get some decent shots of the water being flung over the edge of the drain from the roof. I had a lot of fun and memories of playing in puddles all came flooding back. I like this shot in particular and for no particular reason ... I just like the bright and happy droplets as they plunge to the patio below. In real life they fell pretty much straight down, but I like this better.

Four beefsteak tomato plants now grace the fenced in area where once a propane tank rested and we're looking forward to the day we again get large fresh tomatoes' from these vines. They shall not only be beautiful red tomatoes, but they shall taste like tomatoes.

Cork and I got a nice long walk in today and it was good having her out on them again; I do the walking, she does the riding and I do the driving for her now too. Fun to visit with friends and neighbors and soak up sun. Spring fever is here in a big way, but the work is getting done. Down for follow ups on the latest surgery today and likely a stop at In N Out Burgers on the way home.

Enjoy the day, kick back a little and do something productive, like looking at water droplets fall.

Be well and be a blessing