Sat, Sept. 21

At last

... the Iris are beginning to bloom and the next several months will find me collecting hundreds of shots of this beautiful flower and all the varietals and colors I can find. On my way back from the barber late afternoon I saw some beautiful Iris illuminated by the late afternoon sun. What could a guy do? Pull the motor scooter into the driveway and be happy I brought a camera along and best yet the camera I bought specifically to do flowers with. Iris are amazing and the worlds within each bloom are such that it would be easy to get lost in their beauty and remove yourself within the depths of color, design and space. So look for more than a few blooms as the next month or so progresses.

This image will be available in up to 24 x 36 glossy photo prints (with very fine detail) and if you are interested in this or any other image send me an email. Next week I'll be in Half Moon Bay, California visiting Ted, Sus and the delightful Miss Annika; Sus has set up a shoot for me at Filoli Gardens during an hour when no other visitors are present in the park. Check the place out at . I'll also be doing a lot of shooting along the coast and perhaps the bay. It is unlikely I'll be getting any emails out next week, but on the 22nd will be home with an abundance of images to go through and start getting out.

Once again, feel free to share these photos with your family and friends and if they would like to be added to the list send me an email and I'll add them. The list is totally private and never shared. Currently there 1285 on the list and would kinda like to end the year at 1500 or more.

It was a good day for us, although a bit on the quiet side; a lot of work and sometime soaking up the beautiful weather. Q enjoyed the day too and is sleeping on the chair next to me. Have a wonderful day today ... like why not? And share the beauty in your life with others.



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