Sun, Jan. 26

Letter: Stay-at-home experience not ‘laughable’


To quote Linda Keegan-Kuglitsch’s editorial of April 22, 2012, “No, I am not resentful of Ann Romney and am not part of a liberal agenda to accuse conservatives of waging a war on women, but I guess I find it laughable that she would in any have experienced the 80’s recession as I had. And, I find it even more laughable that she could empathize with today’s young families who have lost their homes, jobs and ended up cramping themselves into a 1,200 (or less) square foot home to live with their parents. Personally, I think Ann Romney is a genuinely nice person…” Oh really!?!

The tone of this editorial is not one of respect for Ann Romney as Ms. Keegan-Kuglitsch tries to imply…it conveys an attitude of one whom is resentful and is not softened by ending, “Personally, I think Ann Romney is a genuinely nice person.”

It’s a little too late for that comment after Ms. Keegan-Kuglitsch finding it “laughable” and “even more laughable” in her comparisons of experiences. Not nice. Ann Romney was attacked…that is she was bombarded with hostile criticism.

For years I’ve been asked, “What do you do?” “Have you ever worked? And upon high school graduation, our youngest daughter was denied several different scholarships because she did not have the “need.” Apparently, we were thought to be rich. When you consider the different definitions of rich as defined in the dictionary, perhaps I was “rich” as I have been blessed to fall under at least two of the definitions: Plentiful; abundant, and Producing or yielding much. I’ve been a stay-at-home person for 45 years and married to a hard working man who gets an A+ for producing and yielding much. However, what most people do not know about me is that I know too well the definition of poor…definition being, having little or not wealth; inferior, inadequate; lacking desirable elements; humble.

I grew up in a teeny tiny house, no running water and an outhouse. And to some the poor end of town. My mom always saying she hoped all of the potty (pots) were emptied and the rollaways (beds) were put away when she got to Heaven! I did not attend college but, yes, I did work as “just a secretary” for several years before marriage and I’ve remained a secretary for my husband and our small business of ours for 45 years; and we have lived with parents in smaller quarters than 1,200 square feet.

I’m very familiar with being accused of being rich and being poor. Under the definition of being poor is the word humble.

One definition of humble is: Deeply respectful. I’m hoping that I’m considered such…whether others think of me as being rich or poor.

Shame on you, Ms. Keegan-Kuglitsch. I do not find you deeply respectful of Ann Romney… and I wonder…”Would you find my story “laughable” as well?

Patti Hillman


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