Thu, Jan. 23

a day

... that began with watching the early morning light work across the grass, critters large and small coming across the lawn, birds flying and singing and I knew it would be a good one. Coffee was brewed, Q was brushed and I sipped the first cup of coffee whilst listening to all the birds begin their day of work hunting for food ... sparrows, doves and an occasional call from a Coopers Hawk. I determined that I would head out mid-morning to get some flower shots, iris and more. Then back to get Corky up, and the three of us out on the deck for a couple of hours of doing absolutely nothing other than soaking up the sounds and sights of the world around us. And so the day progressed and it was very good.

I got more than 200 shots that I really liked and which we spent a few hours looking at on the Sony large screen in the living room. Here are three of my favorites, two cactus blooms and one Iris. The cactus were fun shots and make me wish I could shrink a bit and wander the beautiful gardens within the bloom and the iris just seemed classic and for me unusual to have a full bloom. Thanks to Dan and Joann who showed me the red bloom in their yard as I headed out in the morning and to Ann for allowing me time in her garden this afternoon ... don't know the folks in whose yard I shot the Argentinian Giant cactus bloom, but thanks. Hope you enjoy them and more will follow another day.

The coffee shall be ground in just a few hours so time to put a wrap on the weekend and a little rest before the day continues. Look for beauty ... in the world around you ... in the people you meet and see today ... you will always find it.



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