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1875: FIRST FAMILIES; Bristow Family; James Oliver Bristow Family.

"EARLY MEMORIES by Naomi Bristow Strahan:"

"The most interesting chapter of our lives began in 1875, when my father James Oliver Bristow, my mother and seven children started for Arizona. Our caravan was led by my father, who had his own wagon which was pulled by two yoke of oxen. We also had one horse and four milk-cows. ... The other members of our train were Joseph Roberts with two wagons and nine in his family, John Roberts and William T. Moore with one wagon," (after a disagreement, William Moore shot and wounded John Roberts, then William Moore took a mule and supplies and continued alone) "John Engles and family with one wagon, and William Underhill with two wagons and a large family. ... In Dodge City we added ... Miss Lizzie Copeland, whom we found sitting by the side of the trail. ... We were on the road three months and twenty days."

"Arriving at our destination my father worked at hauling hay for the government with an ox team. The hay was cut with heavy hoes and raked with a hand rake. It was then hauled to Fort Verde where my father received $90.00 a ton for it. My father then hauled wood on a contract to Fort Verde from Clear Creek. This occupied most of the winter."

1876: "We then bought a ranch from the Casner Brothers at Cottonwood. Here we lived wresting our living from the soil, raising corn to be made into meal and all sorts of vegetables for our table. Our coffee and sugar were from Captain Russell at Fort Verde."

"Three years later we traded our Cottonwood ranch for 100 head of cattle and two ponies and moved to Oak Creek. Here we resided while purchasing the J. O. ranch and cattle from Henry Davidson. This is now the Finnie ranch."

"On January 6, 1881, my father died, followed by my mother on January 13. They were laid to rest at Middle Verde."

(Pioneer Stories of Arizona's Verde Valley; 1933, 1954; "Early Memories" by Naomi Bristow Strahan; pages 55-56.)

Biographical Information:

William Bristow, Jr., (born February 5, 1771, in Loudon County, Virginia; died December 18, 1834, in Cumberland County, Kentucky) married Martha Beck on October 3, 1796, in Franklin County, Virginia. Their son is Edward Bristow.

Edward Bristow (born August 17, 1797, in Patrick County, Virginia; died September 23, 1857, in Cedar County, Missouri) married Sarah "Sally" Ann Ashinhurst (born about 1801, in Pennsylvania). One of their 11 known children is James Oliver Bristow.

James Oliver Bristow (born in 1826/1827, in Clinton County, Kentucky) married Sarah J. Puthuff, in Cedar County, Missouri. Some research indicates they had at least 9 children. One of them, Naomi Bristow Strahan, wrote that her parents came to Arizona with 7 children.

The oldest, (1) Comway Bristow, married Mary "Molly" Loy, and they were the parents of the first of their 3 children, Samuel O. "Bud" Bristow (born October 22, 1880) when Conway became the head of the household, responsible for raising 5 of the younger Bristow children. Known children are; (2) Mary, (3) Martha, (4) Nancy E., (5) Alonzo, born in 1862, (6) Elizabeth, born in 1864, (7) Sarah "Sally" H., born in 1866, (8) James, born in 1870, and (9) Lenora, born in 1873; one of these may or may not be Naomi.

This Bristow family may or may not be distantly related to the family of "Parson" James C. Bristow, who also traveled to the Verde Valley in 1875 and 1877.

(see: Gen Forum; "Bristows from MO to AZ, 1875" by J. Gary Woodward, Sept. 15, 2002, etc.; also, certificates of birth and death, cemetery records, census data, etc.)

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