Sun, Dec. 15

See ya

... at least that is what I hope this blue heron was saying to me as opposed to what I really know he was mouthing ... I would have felt the same.

After I left an appointment with a client in Cornville this afternoon I took a short detour to the ponds to see what I could find. It was hot! It was sunny! And most all creatures were seeking shade except for a couple of herons who were hunting for fish along the banks of the ponds. An Osprey made a brief appearance circling over the ponds at about 100 feet looking for food; then he found a good thermal and took it up and out of the area. Some ducks were in the shade of a tree by one of the ponds and happily stayed in the shade just puddling around. Lots of insects and dragonflies feeding on them. I got some nice shots of all of them, but this guy was a challenge as he didn't want to fly. I walked towards him with the camera focused on him and keeping myself from falling into the ponds by walking with one eye looking through the view finder and the other eye open trying to make sure I am on the path. Over about a ten minute period I slowly made it from one end of the pond to the other ... then he decided to fly and I got a great series of shots. I like this one where he has just lifted off and is midway through a power stroke as he goes airborne. It was a short flight as he flew to other side of the same pond and alit directly across from me ... I thanked him and finished the walk back to the van and got out of the sun myself. I have a rule that I do not jump the same bird more than once ... if I can't get a good shot the first time I'll do it the next time and let them get back to their normal day free of interference.

It was a good day around here and we closed the day with a first time purchase of hotdogs from Senor Bob's on 179 near Hillside. A friend had told us they were excellent and indeed they were ... another new to us place to go once in a while. Quiet evening and time to do an earlier wrap on a good day whilst preparing for the one now underway. I apologize for once again getting behind in answering my emails and will try and get caught up over the weekend. Wishing you good days, some smiles and the joy of family and friends who care for you.

Back Monday morning ... Cheers!


PS this is a really sweet video clip to watch ... it makes you realize that other creatures have a sense of caring and nurturing too ... perhaps more so than many humans - thanks Jim

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