Fri, July 19


... while talking with our daughter Sus this evening we were talking about different photos and composites I have been doing lately. Since it was her nightly emails to Corky that originally inspired me to begin the journey I have been taking with this nightly missive I gave her request deference and she requested a straight photo for tonight and insects are the subject matter. When she was a young girl Sus wanted a Tarantula as a pet ... she made the mistake of asking Corky for one at the pet store ... censored response omitted; then it was a snake; worse reaction and then it was settled that a pair of lizards would make the trek home. There were also dogs, cats, desert tortoises and more that found 21332 Compass Lane in Huntington Beach, home. So here is a beautiful predator for you Sus, shot at the ponds this afternoon on the way home from visiting a client/friend at Verde Valley Medical Center today. Also got some very nice shots of red wing blackbirds, mallards and a blue heron, but they can wait for another night.

It was a good day and although I got a lot done it did not seem so. Gem cutting, photography and law scheduled for today. Corky had a good day too and before dinner we headed into town to get a Zanies frozen yogurt; after all these years of refusing yogurt because of a joke taken seriously, she is loving it.

Have a wonderful day and share the wonder of life and creation with others ... and always bring a smile along for the ride.