Sun, Jan. 26

1899 ATROCIOUS MURDERS: George Stevens (Tom Ketchum)

"ATTEMPTED HOLD-UP of Colorado & Southern Again and Near Flosom: Mail Carrier Bartlett and Conductor Harrington Wounded."

"The Robber, Who Says He Was Alone, Wounded and Captured."

"Denver, Colo., Aug. 17. --- The Colorado & Southern passenger train, No. 1, was held up last night near Folsom, N. M. The attack occurred at 11 o'clock and was heralded by a fusilade from the bandits. One shot struck Mail Carrier Bartlett in the jaw and Conductor Harrington, also was injured in the arm, but the passengers rallied to the relief of the train crew and the robbers fled. The scene of the attack was within two miles of the robbery of three weeks ago."


"Trinidad, Colo., Aug. 17. --- As passenger train No. 1 on the Colorado & Southern, was proceeding south between Folsom and Des Moines, about 9:30 o'clock last night, train robbers attempted to hold up the train but were frustrated in their attempt."

"The First warning the trainmen knew of the attempt was when the engineer was ordered to uncouple the engine and baggage car from the train. The conductor, suspecting trouble, went forward and immediately opened fire on the robber. The holdup returned the fire and shot Express Messenger Fred. Bartlett through the left side of the face badly shattering his jaw bone. Frank Harrington, the conductor, also received a very slight wound in the fleshy part of the arm."


"A special train left Trinidad about 4 o'clock this morning with the sheriff and a posse for the scene of the attempted hold-up, and found one man, a few yards from the track, badly wounded, who acknowledged that he was the party who made the attempt. He said he was alone, and it was his first attempt at the business. He gave his name as George Stevens, and said he lived at Panhandle. He will be brought to Trinidad to-day. This is the third attempt to hold up this train within two years."

(The Albuquerque Daily Citizen; Thursday, August 17, 1899; page 1.)

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