Wed, Oct. 16

Ballots full for school board vote
VACTE only district with more open seats than candidates

VERDE VALLEY - As of 5 p.m. Aug. 8, the ballots for open seats on area school boards were set.

With one exception, each school district has at least as many candidates on the ballot as they have open seats. Four districts will have challengers for open seats, and three districts have the same number of candidates as open seats.

The Valley Academy for Career and Technology Education District elects board members by the school district represented. VACTE has two, four-year seats open. Charlene Day is the only candidate, and she is running for the open seat representing Clarkdale-Jerome School District.

The recently completed re-districting by the Yavapai County Board of Supervisors impacts the Yavapai College Governing Board. All five seats will expire Dec. 31, and those seats will be up for election on Nov. 6. Those elected to represent District 1 and District 3 will serve six-year terms, beginning Jan. 1 and expiring Dec. 31, 2018.

Both of these open seats have unopposed candidates. Robert Oliphant is running for the District 3 seat, and incumbent board member Raymond Sigafoos is running for the seat in District 1.

Yavapai County School Superintendent Tim Carter will appoint current Yavapai College Board members who were duly elected by the voters and whose terms are being impacted through no fault or action on their part to fill the vacant unexpired terms of new districts.

In the Clarkdale-Jerome School District two, four-year seats are open and two candidates are running unopposed. Incumbent Jill Zaske and new candidate Michael J. Gordon will fill those open seats.

Sedona-Oak Creek District has three open seats for four-year terms. All three candidates for those seats are the incumbents, John D. Miller, Tommy Stovall and Bobbie Surber.

Cottonwood-Oak Creek School District has four candidates for three open four-year terms. Incumbents Mary Valenzuela and Eric Wyles are running for re-election. New candidates JoAnne Cook and Jason L. Little are challenging for the open seats.

Camp Verde Unified School District has three open four-year seats with five candidates. Incumbent Helen Freeman is running for one seat, and former school board member Robert Simbric is running. New candidates John Kevin Lacy, Cora-Lei Marquez and Christine Schneider are challenging for the open seats.

Incumbent Tim Roth had taken out an election packet and filed his election committee paperwork, but Roth did not file his petition. He is not a candidate for the governing board.

Mingus Union High School District has four candidates for three open four-year terms. Brenda Zenan is the only incumbent seeking re-election. Challenging candidates are Anthony Lozano, Rosalie Sperry and Robb Williams.

Beaver Creek School District has three seats open for four-year terms with four candidates. Incumbent Gareld Hardy is running for another term. New candidates Jackie Harshman, Jeannette Estes and Diana Foltz are running for the open seats.

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