Thu, Nov. 21

We're part of it

... our galaxy, the universe and all of life ... we're here and we're real. I labored until an hour far past the established cutoff this morning on a composite idea I had and although I completed it and it was technically perfect I just did not like the way it turned out, so the project joined the bit bucket of the universe and I went to sleep dreaming of the wonder of all that is and that which may be. Four shots of espresso into the new day and new thoughts and concepts running through my mind I came up with this image, Galactic Shores. Again many thanks to NASA for all the free imagery of space. We are as much an outpost into the galaxy and universe as the Point Reyes Lighthouse is an outpost and observation site into the Pacific ocean. The commonality is that we can observe, but we cannot change that which is. The vastness of the ocean and the vastness of space ... where better to find inner peace and acceptance of life before we journey on; perhaps guided by observation as we wonder at the present and the past ... and into the future wherever that may be.

Cork and I celebrated our 53rd wedding anniversary last night with a dinner at the Hilton; thanks Sus. Today is shaping up to be very busy, but not so that I cannot carry this vision with me through the day. Wonderment! Have a terrific day and weekend' back Monday morning.



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