Sat, April 04

I wonder

... if a space ship would leave a wake as it passes through a gaseous nebula as several speedboats are doing in this image? Perhaps, but I do know they leave a spreading wake as they pass through a beautiful squall front that has an incredible reflection coming up from Lake Powell in Northern Arizona. I also wonder if the rock formation on the land in the upper right portion of the image is from a Kachina left behind by space travelers ages ago ... I wonder where we are and why we are ... the ancients also wondered the same things and our progeny will wonder the same long after we continue our journey beyond our current reality ... will we know then or will the mystery continue ... or does it end? At least we have today and we can wonder and we can share beauty, love and even a few smiles before we slip away.

I took the photo which is my share of this image looking nearly straight down at Lake Powell from about 12,000 feet, roughly two miles above the surface. There is an "other worldly" feel to the surface of our planet up there and the formations lend themselves to great interpretation limited only by your imagination. NASA of course provided the deep space image.

Cork and I had a nice weekend and we hope yours was too. Busy week with a lot of work on images and opals. There is no stone quite as much fun to cut as opal; the beauty is already in the stone and the skill is in not losing the beauty that is there. With faceted stones you start with clear crystals and lay in a pattern of facets that serve to enhance the beauty of the stone; not so with opal where you have to learn to read the rough material to determine which side of the stone will face best, that is show the play of color best and so on. I think I have cut well over a hundred fifty pounds of opal over the past thirty five years and it continues to draw me in, because each stone is unique and has its own challenge. Think I'll take a photo of a few of the really beautiful ones I am working on and put them in an appropriate setting tomorrow night.

The new week is underway and time for some rest before I continue the day. Contemplate the beauty that is earth, that is us, and let the resulting smile guide you through the day.

Cheers, we are alive and hurtling through space every second of our lives! What fun!!!


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