Sun, Dec. 15

Editorial: The primary importance of voting

A reminder for those who did not vote early: Tuesday is Primary Election Day.

In districts that heavily sway toward one party or another, the ultimate decision for a representative is usually made at the primary level. This is true at the local level and the federal level.

For all the attention given to the presidential race in November’s general election, this year’s primary options are very interesting. Much of that interest is produced by redistricting, which has created new districts and brought in new faces for voters to get to know.

That has caused some voter confusion, but it is still interesting.

At the county level, Chip Davis gets another walk-over in District 3, with no opponents in the primary or the general election. But Davis will no longer be the supervisor for the lower Verde Valley, which is now in District 2. There, Republican voters have three choices in the primary. For Camp Verde and Beaver Creek, this primary race is one of the most important.

At the state legislative level, all of the Verde Valley is now in District 6 with a completely new line of candidates. And that is where the primary interest ends, as both major parties have put up exactly the number of candidates needed to fill the seats of two representatives and one senator. The same is also true of the Corporation Commission races.

At the federal level, the races get intriguing again, as some of the Verde Valley is in Congressional District 1 and some of the Verde Valley is in District 4. Both districts have a full slate and there have been a lot of candidates to mull over. The redistricting makes this a real test of new party alignments.

The one contested race that is not impacted at all by redistricting is the race for U.S. Senate to replace Jon Kyl. With only one Democrat running, albeit a popular one, the GOP has a big decision to make among a bunch of candidates. That is a huge primary.

With convenient vote centers allowing registered voters to vote just about anywhere they want to in Yavapai County, Republicans, Democrats and independents (who get to choose a ballot of any party) have good reason to participate in Tuesday’s Primary Election.

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