Mon, Dec. 09

Increased sewer rates for Big Park

Effective with the July billing for the Big Park Domestic Wastewater District, residentialcustomers’ quarterly bill rose to $105.39, an increase of $15 per quarter. Businesses saw different increases depending on their usage.

The higher amount was necessitated by planning and purchasing already in effect to repay a future loan the District must make for modifications and equipment upgrades to the treatment plant that are necessitated by EPA and ADEQ discharge requirements.

BPDWID’s Board of Directors is historically reluctant to raise rates. With the assistance of engineers and attorneys, we have been working with ADEQ for many years to find ways to temper EPA-proposed discharge requirements that would cost our customers and those of many other Arizona districts more than they were paying.

ADEQ heard us and is aware of the financial impact caused by the EPA requirements, but there is no solution for BPDWID other than borrowing money for the very first time.

As attendees at our monthly meetings have heard us say many times, “there’s no such thing as an inexpensive wastewater part.” However, the cost of the only important piece of replacement equipment that will meet the new requirements isn’t simply expensive -- it’s shocking. We have a pilot program in place and we’re hoping for consistency (or a bit of relief in the ADEQ discharge regulations).

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