Mon, Feb. 24

A bit

... of beauty to close the day out and start it off again. They had a huge bed of white irises at Filoli gardens when I visited there in April and I spent quite a bit of time shooting them in last light. I couldn't get behind them to get the blooms illuminated by the setting sun like I did with the white tulips, but by laying on the path I was able to get a decent angle to catch the sun and shadow on them. The flower bed backed up to a tall dark wall so it was pretty easy to isolate the individual blooms in the late afternoon light and with the shoot being after hours no concern about blocking the path whilst in a prone position shooting. The flower is long gone but the memory continues and it lives on in this image.

The day was good for us with a lot of cutting and work on specimens that I have had set aside for years. Friends brought dinner over and we had a very enjoyable visit with them. Hope your day was equally good and that you always carry the beauty you find with you as the journey continues ... each day is then a little better than the last.

Take care, be well


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