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Alexander Strahan was born on August 26, 1811, in Green River, Hardin Co., Kentucky, the son of David and Catherine (?) Strahan. He died August 26, 1894, in Cottonwood, Arizona Territory, on his 83rd birthday.

Alexander Strahan "had been all his life what might be called a frontiersman, probably taking this kind of spirit from his father, who was a Revolutionary soldier. ... Alexander was a model man, always beloved and respected by all who knew him, and he had no enemies, but scores of friends. His wife, children and friends all unite in saying that under all circumstances he was a kind and indulgent husband, father and neighbor. ... The attendance at the funeral was the largest we have ever seen on the Verde." (Arizona Weekly Journal-Miner; Prescott; September 19, 1894; page 4, columns 1-2.) Alexander Strahan was buried on August 27, 1894, in the cemetery he and Malinda set aside for a burial ground and school in 1877.

The 1820 Census of Poplar Plains township, Fleming County, Kentucky lists the household of David Strahan, with a male age 10 or younger, presumed to be Alexander. Two parcels of land were purchased by Alexander Strahan in Illinois on April 8, 1834. Alexander Strahan is on the 1840 Census in Brown County, Illinois.

On December 1, 1842, Alexander Strahan married Malinda Slagle (b. May 20, Wayne Co., Kentucky; d. October 9, 1898, Cottonwood), daughter of Peter and Barthena (McDermed) Slagle) in Scott, Illinois. By then, the Slagle and Strahan families were already related; William Slagle married Sarrah Sally Strahan on November 28, 1829, (11 children listed); and Susan Slagle married William Strahan on December 25, 1833, (10 children listed) in Morgan Co., Illinois.

Alexander, age 34, and Malinda, age 23, are on the 1850 Census in Brown County, Illinois. They moved with their children to Lamar County, Texas in July of 1853. The 1860 Census lists Alexander "Strayhon" with "Melinda Strayhon" and 8 children.

About 1866, the Strahan family moved to Washington County, Arkansas, where they are counted in the Census on June 1, 1870. By now, their family includes George Grimes, age 11, and Willie Grimes, age 6.

The Strahan family moved to Kansas before traveling to the Upper Verde in Yavapai County, Arizona Territory. The 1877 survey map shows the location of the Strahan families.

Most of the children of Alexander and Malinda (Slagle) Strahan lived in the Verde Valley; they are:

Barthena Strahan (b. about 1844); by 1861 she had married James Alexander Grimes (b. 1870; d.), and they are parents of Charles Monroe Grimes (b. October 2, 1861; d. August 16, 1946). Barthenia married Martin Oliver Ellis, Sr. (b. 1831; d. 1910), and they are parents of 3 children.

David W. Strahan (b. November 1846; d. July 23, 1910); David and Susan C. Strahan were married in Arkansas in 1870. They moved to Arizona where David was granted a 160-acre homestead near his parents in 1884. They were in Santa Barbara, California during the 1900 and 1910 Census.

Alfred Marion Strahan (b. August 13, 1847; d. April 5, 1923): married Caledonia "Callie" Goddard (b. Feb. 11, 1854; d. July 13, 1928; daughter of Nathaniel and Martha Goddard) in Washington Co., Arkansas on October 22, 1871. They became the parents of 5 children.

Catherine "Cathern" J. Strahan (b. March 1850; d. July 15, 1921) married Martin L. Osborn (b. Aug. 22, 1845; d. June 11, 1929; son of Enoch and Anna (Starr) Osborn) in 1868. They are in the 1875 Census at Franklin, Bourbon Co., Kansas, then they moved to the Verde Valley. On June 10, 1900, they are listed as having 11 children, with 7 surviving.

Lucinda "Lillie" J. Strahan (b. Dec., 1852) married John Wesley "Poker" Johnson (b. 1844; d. 1888) on February 20, 1879. They lived on a Lower Verde homestead and are the parents of 3 children; daughter Lillie May Johnson married Edward G. Wingfield. Lucinda later married Isaac Lothian (b. 1849) and they became the parents of 2 children.

Peter Willis Strahan (b. August 13, 1853; d. March 1, 1920) married Eliza C. Kizer in Prescott on August 24, 1908. They are the parents of 2 children.

Acentha Angeline Strahan (b. January 12, 1857; d. March 28, 1940) married Benjamin N. Wortham (b. Oct. 1850, son of B. H. and Mary Wortham) in Cincinatti, Arkansas, on April 21, 1878. They moved to Texas by 1900, then to Oklahoma by 1910, where they are listed as the parents of 10 children, 9 living.

Mary Ann Strahan (b. about 1859) married Francis Thomas "Tobe" Wingfield (son of Edward Mariah and Francis Elizabeth (Gilmore) Wingfield) in Washington Co., Arkansas on July 29, 1877; Mary Ann died within a short time. The 1877 map shows the school, with Strahan families living to the west and Wingfield families living to the east.

James Harmon Strahan (b. June 12, 1863; d. October 3, 1948) married Naomi Bristow (b. April 18, 1871; d. Feb. 23, 1967) in Arizona about 1892. They are parents of 3 children.

Anna Cordelia Strahan (b. April 1864) married John Bailey Ricketts (b. 1850) in Upper Verde on November 25, 1884. They lived on a homestead in Lower Verde. They are parents of 7 children.

Martha "Mattie" Ellen Strahan (b. about 1866; d. July 1896) married William Marshall (b. Feb. 1834; d. 1922) in Upper Verde on October 5, 1885. They are parents of 2 children. William Marshall was the Cottonwood Postmaster from August 31, 1899 to January 14, 1901, when Samuel L. Strahan became Postmaster.

Susuan May Strahan (b. November 30, 1875; d. January 8, 1889) died of "brain fever" and is buried in the Cottonwood Cemetery with her family.

(see: Internet sites, census data, marrieage lists, birth and death certificates, etc.)

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