Wed, July 17

'The Current' exhibit debuts at Goldenstein Gallery

In September Goldenstein Gallery in uptown Sedona presents the second month of "The Current" showcasing a diverse array of art from renowned and award winning gallery artists who have captivated and inspired collectors internationally. Their amazing talent features art that is full of color, motion, and a fresh sensibility that is fun yet sophisticated. Many of the artists highlighted are deeply rooted in tradition, while other artists flourish with new styles capturing the imaginations of today. Representing 40 diverse artists, primarily local and regional, the gallery is a multi-faceted celebration of independent vision.

This month Goldenstein Gallery is proud to welcome oil painter Patricia Griffin whose vibrant paintings captures the essence of her subjects, both wild and domestic animals. She works to extract their connectivity to the human world and share it with the viewer resulting in images that are timeless, spiritual and cut to the essence of being, allowing the viewer to create a personal story or journey. Griffin has been in numerous museum shows including the State Museum of Pennsylvania, the Allen Town Museum and the Great Plains Art Museum.

Shane McDermott discovered nature photography while on safari in Africa in 2004.  These first experiences behind the camera captured his heart and imagination, igniting a deep passion and desire to learn and master the art of photography.   McDermott strives to push the edges of his art and capacities to see and relate to the natural world in extraordinary and meaningful ways.  He explores our planets endless wonders of life and beauty with photography. Through each fleeting moment and epic expression of nature, he hopes to stir the emotions and imaginations of the viewer, inspiring them to step into the fascinating and quickly vanishing world of nature.

This month his work is once again featured in Arizona Highways Magazine with a special portfolio of Jerome.