Sun, Dec. 08

Large heists from Walmart

COTTONWOOD -- About 1:30 Wednesday morning, 27-year-old Wesley Michael Robert Smith was arrested for organized retail theft, trafficking stolen property, and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Just before 9 p.m., five hours earlier, Walmart reported a theft in progress. Risk prevention officials told police that a man placed merchandise in a cart and pushed the cart out through the garden center, which was closed, and through a fire exit. He then moved the cart into the automotive side parking lot, where his vehicle was parked.

The vehicle was a blue 2-door Toyota pickup with white Toyota lettering. The man was wearing a Red Coca Cola shirt. Another film showed the man pushing the cart into the parking lot without paying. A third video showed the same man contacted by Walmart employees about several DVDs he had in his possession while he was leaving the store. The man refused to cooperate so he was allowed to leave the store but was advised not to return.

Police recognized the man as the boyfriend of a women they know from the noise problems. He was not at the house, but agreed to meet with police at the hospital walking track.

A Blue pickup pulled up and the driver was wearing the same Red Coca Cola shirt identified as Wesley Michael Robert Smith.

He was told he was under arrest, but agreed that the officer could search the vehicle. They found the two stolen stereo amplifiers and a speaker box. They returned to his house where a search turned up the balance of the stolen goods.

During a search of Smith, the officers also found a baggy with a white powdery substance.

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