Sun, Aug. 25


... on how you look at things ... I have always enjoyed reflections and down at Bubbling Ponds in Page Springs they have steel docks that go out into the fish ponds that I've always enjoyed looking at. So a few days ago when I was down there I took this shot of one of them and like the funky appearance. The sky is all reflection in the water and the lower have of the dock is also reflections. Anyhow it was a fun shot and hope you enjoy it. The sky dock for arriving space ships, fish and birds great and small.

The Canon 300mm fixed focal length f2.8 telephoto lens arrived late afternoon and got a chance to try it out. Amazing piece of glass and with the 2.0 extender will give me a 600mm f5.6 lens, Also it is light weight weighing in at only 5.2 lbs and the total weight for the 1D-X body, lens and extender only a little over 10 pounds making it very easy for the handheld shooting I do. Anxious to try it out again tomorrow and go for some wildlife shooting. Sure better than the 400mm fixed f2.8 I had earlier this year and it weighed in at nearly 13 pounds just for the lens ... way too much. Anyhow it is fun.

Parts for the motorglider will be here Saturday, installed Tuesday and Wednesday; back in the air on Wednesday afternoon ... time to lose the ground sickness.

Over the hump and the weekend is approaching. I oversold the calendar supply so placed another order and have it on rush printing and delivery. The new order will be here by Monday and again I ordered extras so if you want one let me know and we'll ship you one or ten or more. Just images I like and no particular theme ... ones that are special to me and I want to look at through the coming year. $18.95 each including shipping and tax if applicable.

Cheers ... we're still breathing ... smiling as life is good.


For life holds cheers as well as tears,

Take this old toast from me:

This world a riddle hard you call ...

A mess from which you fain would shrink?

Perhaps 'tis wisdom, all in all.

To learn to laugh as well as think.

Max Ehrmann

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