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"'The most generally and highly mineralized region on earth,' has for years been the verdict of mining men regarding the vast mineral bearing belts which lie within the boundries of this county. So vast is this region that districts more remote from business centers are but little thought of or heard of by even old time residents; but the facts are that in these same districts as fine mineral showing as can be found in any country abound on every hand, and the sturdy miners who own the properties, knowing their value, have patiently held and worked them for years, knowing that at some future day capital will seek investment where such rich rewards await its coming."

"Among these districts none afford a more promising field for investment than Camp Verde district and Squaw Peak district, both lying beyond Cherry Creek and being a continuation of the great United Verde mineral belt, which extends for miles along the Black Hills range in a southeast direction." ...

"Directly south of Cherry Creek lies the Denfey group, with a splendid surface showing of ore which carries 2 and 3 per cent copper. Development upon this group consists of assessment work."

"On the north side of Copper Canyon, Dave Scott owns a group of gold and copper claims upon which he has an incline shaft down 60 feet in ledge matter 50 feet wide which has a pay streak of high grade gold ore."

"In the same vicinity, Joe Owens, Dick Mason and others own a promising group of gold and copper claims with a splendid surface showing."

"Mine locations extend clear to the tails of Copper Canyon creek, which is a never failing stream, while on every hand there is a generous growth of cedar; plenty of wood and water being very important considerations in connection with the profitable handling of mines."

"South of Copper Canyon and around Little Squaw Peak, the following claims of note are being held and worked:"

"First in order come a group of claims owned by Jack Clanton, on which he has a tunnel in 80 feet. Ore taken from near the surface gave assay values of $12 per ton gold and some copper and silver. This tunnel is being driven to tap the ledge, and it will be struck with a little more work."

"Near by is a group owned by a Mr. Miles, said to be a cousin of Gen. Miles. On the Arizona Chief claim of this group there is a shaft down 75 feet on a 3 1/2 foot vein, ore from which, Col. H. A. Owens tells us, runs from $20 to $40 a ton gold. On the Grubstake claim of the same group there is a shaft down 65 feet which started on a vein four inches wide and now has a vein a foot wide in the bottom of the shaft which averages $40 a ton gold. It is stated that two tons of this ore run through an arastra gave a return of $39 gold, and the tailings give an assay value of $293. This property needs a mill to treat the ore which is about half free milling."

"In the same vicinity, H. J. Allen, general manager of the United Verde Copper company, is working a group of claims and has a force of men building a wagon road to same. The ore from these properties carries a high percentage of lead and some gold and copper. Several thousand dollars has been expended in development work. Some very rich ore has been taken from these claims."

"About one mile south from Mr. Allen's properties are located the claims of the Osborne Brothers, the development work upon which consists of a tunnel 130 feet in and a shaft 45 feet deep. There are three claims in the group. The lead is carbonate and is 20 feet wide on the surface. The values are mainly copper."

"West of the Osborne group lies the group of seven claims belonging to R. Thomas, F. S. Dickerson & Co. These properties are developed by two tunnels, one in 112 feet and the other in 65 feet. The main tunnel was started to tap the ledge which has not yet been reached but is only about 40 feet distant. Some very good ore has been taken out of this tunnel. A lot of it sent to Val Verde smelter sampled 7 1/2 per cent copper, $2.50 gold, and 2 1/2 ounces silver per ton. Quite a lot of molybdenum bearing ore is taken from this property. In the tunnel a wall of gneiss and quartzite is being passed through. This property adjoins Mr. Olden's Morning Star group on the west, in which latter a ledge five feet wide is exposed in the bottom of a shaft 20 feet deep. From the dump of this shaft ex-Supervisor John Wood picked up a piece of ore which gave an assay value of 24 per cent copper and some silver."

"South and east of the last mentioned properties Birch & Webb own a group of five claims, upon which a tunnel has been run 150 feet to tap the ledge which is only a few feet distant. In this tunnel highly mineralized bunches of ore have been encountered. A very strong ledge crops out on the surface. Chunks of ore have been taken out which assayed as high as 80 per cent copper."

"Adjoining the Birch & Webb properties on the south, John Wood and David Baxter own a group of three claims upon which a tunnel has been driven 140 feet which has cut through a low grade ore body 100 feet wide, ore from which has given an assay value of 4 1/2 per cent copper; $1.17 per ton gold and two ounces silver. The formation is iron and porphyry."

"West of the last mentioned claims are two groups, one belonging to Mr. Strahan, the other to Mr. Olden, the ores from which carry gold, silver and copper. Strahan has an incline shaft 100 feet deep on his property. Olden has a shaft 50 feet deep with a fine lot of ore on the dump. Both have splendid ledges."

"Next south of the Wood's group are some claims for which Mr. Olden once refused an offer of $25,000, on which development work has made an excellent showing. Some very rich silver specimens have been taken from the ledge, but the main values are copper, with gold and molybdenum."

"South of there Louis Hemet owns four claims upon which assessment work makes a very good showing."

"Next are Dave Strahan's four patented claims, known as the Rustler group, which have an incline shaft 100 feet deep and a tunnel 140 feet in. The vein is five feet wide and some very fine gold and silver ore has been taken from it."

"Eight miles south, and on the other side of the river, John Davis, John Wood and David Baxter have located a group of claims upon which assessment work has made a splendid surface showing of carbonate ore, some of which Mr. Wood brought to Prescott with him."

"These properties all lie in that highly and generally mineralized belt which extends all along the east side of the Black Hills range which contains the world famed mines of the United Verde Copper company, and no other opportunities for mining investment are to be found anywhere than in these same districts."

(Jerome Mining News; Monday, December 28, 1903; page 1, columns 1, 2, 3.)

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