Fri, July 19

Letter: More Teapublican Paranoia?


In response to Mr. Gohr’s latest letter calling President Obama “a power mad, narcissistic, egomaniac that (sic) is intentionally trying to destroy the economic structure of the United States in order to blend it in to the New World Order” (“Go away, Paul, who cares about the British” from Jan. 29):

Ahhh…I see…The New World Order conspiracy theory.

But exactly which one are we to arm ourselves against? The one where the Freemasons, Illuminati and Jews replace capitalism with communism? The one where the Jews take over our banks and force us to submit to their will? The one where United Nations vehicles roll in with black-shirted soldiers who force us to obey a new European-style socialist government? The Y2K one where all of the world’s computers were programmed to fail on Jan. 1, 2000, so the black shirts could take over our government? The one where non-white people rise up and force whites into submission? The End Times version where a false prophet takes over our government leading to the collapse of society and permitting a UN takeover? Or the one where financial institutions are deregulated, allowing them to gamble on mortgage-backed securities which collapse the housing market and our economy putting seven million people out of work?

Oh, wait! The last one already happened under President George W. Bush. Not President Obama.

Mr. Gohr, thanks for demonstrating the point of my original letter to the editor. It would seem that the paranoia exhibited by Teapublicans against President Obama knows no bounds!

Gary LaMaster