Sun, Nov. 17

Three arrested in home invasion robbery

COTTONWOOD -- Back in late January, a Cottonwood Police were dispatched to the Earl Apartments on North 16th Street on a reported weapons offense. Then the officer was told that a man was being chased down 16th Street by three other men in a pickup truck.

Monday, the three suspects were arrested. Steven Hambrick, 35, Joshua Amis, 32, and Antonia Aspeitia, 33, were charged with armed robbery, aggravated robbery, burglary in the first degree, aggravated assault and theft.

The victim's girlfriend told police that Hambrick, Aspeitia and the other man came to their apartment, talked to her boyfriend and then went upstairs.

She felt there was something wrong so she went upstairs and the door to their bedroom was closed. Someone was trying to keep the door closed and there was an argument inside. She said she pushed the door open enough to see Hambrick pointing a gun at her boyfriend, a handgun that appeared to have a "silencer" on it. She stated that Steven was yelling, "I will kill everyone. "

Then there was fighting and her boyfriend yelled at her to run and she hid behind bushes in the yard and called police.

Police were later told by the boyfriend that Hambrick was going to buy speakers and amplifier from him, but when he pushed his way in the house, Hambrick said he was "taking everything," at gunpoint.

The "skinny white boy" punched him as he entered the room, he said. Then they started fighting but was he knocked down after Hambrick hit him from behind. While he was on the ground somebody was kicking him in the head and took his wallet containing $250.

Then everybody ran out of the room and down the stairs while he was still lying on the ground. The three subjects got into the small dark colored pickup truck and left the area.

 The victim's girlfriend told police that one of the subjects had kicked a couple of holes in the hallway wall and the three subjects had taken her little black safe containing paycheck stubs, four old cell phones and her lease to the apartment.

Police say drugs were also involved.

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