Wed, Feb. 19

morning coffee

... that is the way Corky and I always start the day; after opening the house, brushing Q and sneaking a little coffee myself. I always bring a cup in to Corky and we spend a few minutes visiting, enjoying the first cup before either I or a caregiver arrives and get her up for the day. For those of you who do not know Cork that well, she lost the ability to transfer and do a lot of other stuff back in 1994 after a nasty MS exacerbation and so I have been attending to a lot of that stuff and in an increasing amount since then. So anyhow, since the surgeries, she is no longer able to take food or beverage by mouth because she has lost the ability to swallow. While it is relatively easy to provide nutrition and fluids, there is a distinct lack of enjoyment since the finest of coffees cannot be taken by mouth. Relying on the adage that the visual presentation is a significant percentage of the overall enjoyment of dining I tried something new this morning. I brought my cup in and a bowl of very fine coffee for Cork ... told her it was time for coffee and got a smile. Anyhow I told her to take a good look at fresh pan roasted Ethiopian Yirgacheffe coffee; loaded about 30cc's in a clear syringe and slowly pushed the plunger putting it into her stomach as she viewed it ... large smile and then I said it was my turn and I took a sip of mine. This was repeated numerous times and Cork ended up with a good load of coffee and a lot of laughs in the process.

I told her of my intention to sell the motorglider and she shook her head so vigorously that I feared she would give herself another hematoma; years of experience with Corky told me that she was right and I was wrong so she will retain her wings and I will get to provide the piloting skills for her. In the cockpit and in the air she is as normal as anyone else ... plus she has no fear ... likely another manifestation of MS :-)

So it was a very good day in our home today. Lots of things to learn and lots of adaptions to make, but it is happening and new skill sets are being learned.

Before dinner tonight I took a walk down the ninth fairway, stopped in for a short visit with a friend who lives in the Sundance Townhomes and thence around the lake and back up the first fairway. It was pretty dark and didn't think I would be getting a shot. Then I looked across the lake and saw the dark shadows in the lake and the warm lights in the Sundance homes. Thought of Skip who I had just visited with and took this shot; the warmth of the lights contrasting with the coolness of the landscape and shadows in the water brought good memories to mind ... so this is for you Skip and Cami and your home is visible in the shot.

Time for rest and thoughts of home, family and friends ... warm camp fires ... pot roasts and mashed potatoes with liberal splashes of gravy ... hungry!



PS for those interested the shot was taken with a Canon 7D, EF-S15-85mm f/3.5-5.6 IS USM lens (no IS), f 3.5, 1/25th of a second shutter speed, ISO 800, shutter preferred shooting mode and of course handheld :-)

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