Mon, Sept. 16


... an act of desperation, Q made his way to the ponds in order that I would get a photo of him; he was feeling pretty left out with so many nice people asking for another photo of him. So it was when on Saturday, Corky and I headed to the ponds Q was nowhere to be found around here, but we were certain he was in the house so we headed out. Met some friends from the ISO 100 group down there and had some fun walking the ponds getting some great shots. Frequently when I am taking the action shots I really do not see much of what is going on as I am so busy trying to follow everything and keep it in focus. When I got home and started processing the images I was surprised to see the little guy had taken control of a greenhead made a beautiful take off with some new friends ... perhaps future meals ... he was not hungry when we arrived home and had that inimical smile on his face. Then too, there were the odd feathers found throughout the house. So, here is the newest of the Q series of morphs.

A benefit of Corky going into the hospital is that she gets so many flowers given to her. So on Saturday before we headed down to the ponds I spent an hour or so shooting many of the beautiful blooms. This shot is of the inner sanctum of a lily in one of the arrangements. More to follow. The complexities and beauty of other life forms continues to amaze me; it amazes me also how our species considers itself so important and our illusion of being able to control the destiny of our little planet and more. Last time I checked we have still not stopped a single bolt of lightning and there are hundreds of thousands of them every minute of every day. So while others believe themselves capable of changing the already certain fate of planet earth, I am content to enjoy living here each day granted and be part of all that is.

Corky continues to make improvement and over the weekend has enjoyed limited portions of coffee and mashed potatoes ... what else is really needed?

Into a new week and hope it goes well for you.



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