Tue, July 23

Letter: Killing the goose that lays the golden eggs


The rich need to pay more. That mantra sounds so good that for the past 100 years it has dominated the political conversations in the United States, because there has been an undercurrent that professes that the wealthy in the country comprise all of the problems and their wealth should be “Equalized” in some shape, manner or form.

However, before we get too deep into trying to find the elusive place called “equal,” let’s look at some things:

• Why do we want our children to go to college? Isn’t it so they can make more money? Do we want them to make so much money that we can protest about them being rich?

• Who decides that any entity (bank, company etc) is too big to fail? Is it the company or the governing body? Because the decision is from the governing body; why would anyone protest against the company?

• If someone asks you to do something illegal and you accept his offer; who is the real culprit? Wouldn’t you be?

Because generally an act is not seriously “illegal” until it is acted upon.

What would be the end result in two years if by some means it happened that all of the money and other material assets of the rich were confiscated and re distributed to the poor?

Think this through, it is very important.

• Who of the poor would invest money they received and provide jobs?

• Who would invest time, effort and money in providing food or clothing?

• If some of the “poor” pooled their money and started a business, like a corporation; to provide the necessities for living: How long would it be before they would considered the “rich” and protested against?

When wealth is re-distributed as it has been in other countries that went along with socialistic reformation, it creates a system that equalizes at the lowest common denominator for the masses and a far more rich and powerful elite group gains control.

This is the direction we are heading and the Occupy movement is playing right into that plan. Your real enemy is governmental corruption and the practice of making exceptions for themselves and their cronies.

If you manage to kill capitalism with socialism or any other form of totalitarian system, you will have effectively killed the goose that lays the golden eggs and you will have done it to benefit the super-wealthy at the expense of everybody except the super-wealthy and they will not even thank you for your effort.

Dale Gohr