Thu, April 09

Each day

... begins with the sun coming over the visible horizon in a blaze of colors, or not, and as the earth continues its rotation on its axis the sun slips behind the western horizon again leaving us with a blaze of color, or not. I got this shot as I was walking home from a friends on Saturday evening and it was a reminder of all the beauty that we are given each day; kind of a reminder that it is up to us to fill in the daylight hours and the dark hours of night with beauty of our choosing. Tonight there was a heavy cloud cover as the sun slipped out of view, but memories of last night's sunset carried forward in my mind and wanted to share it with you. Now if we can only make sure we remember to fill the rest of our days with beauty too.

Today was a very good day and Corky and I headed up to the airport and gave rides to some friends who had not yet seen the area from the air. It was a good day to be up there and the colors were muted by the grey clouds which blanketed the sky. It was fun and tomorrow it looks like we'll be getting some rain; a good day to stay in and get some work done. Dinner tonight was a culinary achievement that matches the fare from In N Out Burgers ... after Corky's MRI a week ago Friday, we had to spend some time in St. Joseph's ER for further consult to Corky. Whilst waiting to see the doctor we visited with some of the staff and the subject of food came up; I espoused the wonders of burgers from my favorite place and one of the staff told us about his ... hotdogs (the kind that have unknown ingredients from various animals) wrapped in bacon and barbequed. Baked beans and coleslaw completed this gourmet achievement!!! Whoops, it was a black forest cake topped with cherries, whipped cream and ice cream that finished things, perhaps us :-)

Coffee and the day continues in about four hours. Have a wonderful day and hope that you find life the continuing adventure and blessing that it is. We are part of all that has gone before and whether or not we realize it we are the joy of today and the memories of tomorrow.



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