Thu, Jan. 23

Encounters of the Old Town Kind

Every day brings new and interesting people into my life, some of whom make it into the Judy and Dulci blog. For example, Charlie and I were in the hot tub at the Cottonwood Recreation Center the other day and got to talking, listening actually, to a man who started a power lifting club at the rec. center. He was so excited and proud of his newly formed group that was breaking records statewide and nationally. He was especially proud of the women in the Rec 'n' Cru and the mix of nationalities and ages. Makes me want to power lift...yeah right!

Ducli and I were walking this a.m. and met a man named Piotr (Peter) who had made a New Year's resolution to get out m,ore and volunteer. I was unaware of this until he commented on my earrings and I told him I'd purchased them from the new Paws Boutique which benefits the Human Society animal shelter (Adopt for Life) in Cottonwood. I also told him I volunteer there and that they are looking for more volunteers. His face turned bright red from the coincidence/synchronicity and he told me of his resolution. We also discovered that we are both massage therapists with a passion for the healing touch of bodywork.

Moral: Talk about those things in your life that are important to you and for which you have a passion. You never know whom it might affect or bring to you.

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