Sun, April 05

This week at Grace Lutheran

Grace Community Lutheran Church as Sunday Service at 10:30 a.m. at 5100 Stevenson in Rimrock.

I have said many time both here and elsewhere that sin separates us from God. To say that is easy enough and while we accept it as true, I am not sure we understand it as well as we could.

What does it mean to be separated from God? As Christians we understand that our sin will keep us from going to heaven after this life, and we understand that Jesus has provided a solution to that problem. I think also most people have a sense that sinful people can’t be with a good and holy God. So how close or separate or far away from God do you feel that you are?

If we believe as Christianity teaches the Jesus has paid the full price for our sins, shouldn’t we feel closer to and actually be close to God. As you go through your day to day life do you notice or recognize your closeness or lack of closeness to God? Recognizing our separation form God is much easier.

When we sin or do something wrong the feelings of guilt are there. Even though we might not admit it, the understanding that something is wrong is there. Even unbelievers if they are honest know and feel that wrongness in the heart, that sin brings.

But Christ has taken away our sin, so shouldn’t there be an opposite feeling of some kind, if that is true? The sense of guilt or emptiness or wrongness should be replaced by something that is quite different or even opposite.

I think most of us have experienced this in the frustration of driving. That other driver is doing their regular terrible job of driving, slowing us down, making it dangerous for us. The thoughts or words or actions we have for them are automatic, and if the words or actions go too far the feelings of separation come shortly after, or should. Do we ever feel the opposite?

During stressful times, or good times for that matter, do we ever feel a sense of peace and comfort, the feeling that everything is good, that everything is going to be OK? Do you ever experience God as a loving Father as opposed to a stern judge?

We should, this is why Jesus came to earth, to secure our eternal salvation, which should automatically change our relationship with God. With this changed relationship, the amount of time we spend angry, sad, or lonesome should be growing less. If it isn’t, we need to rethink how we are living in relationship to God.

Are the things of this unfair world more important than God? God continues to offer this path to all. I realize as much as anyone the difficulty of taking that leap of faith and taking this better path. It is the struggle of our lives. My hope and prayer for all of us is that we will daily experience more closeness with God and less of our normal separation.

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