Wed, Nov. 13

Harassment leads to drug charges for Cottonwood man

COTTONWOOD -- Cottonwood police arrested two men Friday night in the Fry's parking lot. The driver of a white-on-blue Chevy pickup was charged with harassment DUI and other drug offenses. His passenger was charged with under-age alcohol possession and having an open container plus drug offenses.

The officer pulled over a truck that was suspected in an order of protection violation.

Shaun Christopher Buehler, 27, was not permitted within 200 yards of a woman who had been his tutor in high school. The truck had been repeatedly speeding and swerving past her home.

When another officer went to remove the passenger, he spotted a glass pipe in plain view with unburned marijuana. An open can of beer fell on the ground as he stopped out. He admitted he was underage. The officer found a package of marijuana and a tightly rolled $100 bill. Another $180 was folded in half.

K9 Rio alerted on the truck and the officer found a baggie of marijuana wedged beside the driver's seat and a bindle of cocaine on the floorboard.

Buehler was determined to be impaired and his urine test was positive for THC (marijuana), cocaine, methamphetamine, and amphetamine.

Buehler was charged with possession of a narcotic drug (cocaine), marijuana, 2 counts of paraphernalia, aggravated harassment, an open container in a vehicle and DUI/drugs and DUI to the slightest.

Tyler Claron Sobolik, 19, is charged with possession of marijuana and paraphernalia, a minor with alcohol and an open container.

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