Tue, Oct. 15

Villagers: A call to service

Each year, I feel that restating the VOCA Vision Statement provides the proper direction for the coming year.

The Village of Oakcreek

Association (VOCA):

V – VALUES fiscal responsibility and excellence in Board, Management and staff performance and conduct.

O – OFFERS first-rate recreational and social facilities for its members and guests.

C – CREATES conditions that enhance the quality of life and the property values of its members.

A – ACHIEVES harmony within the community, and an exemplary general public reputation.

To achieve the Vision Statement requires a commitment by VOCA Members to serve in a variety of fashions. Service to VOCA can be via serving on the Board of Directors, serving on one of the VOCA Committees, or being involved by attending Committee or Board meetings.

BOARD OPENINGS: There are three openings on the Board that will be decided in this year’s ballot. Candidate applications are available at the VOCA office now and must be returned by Feb. 15.

The only requirements to serve are to be a VOCA Member in good standing and to have a desire to be involved in all phases of the association. The Board acts as the stewards for the 2,300-plus VOCA members over the association’s assets, operations and affairs.

COMMITTEE OPENING: Openings are available on all of the VOCA Committees. The Committees offer diverse opportunities to Members. All VOCA members in good standing are eligible. A brief synopsis of the committees is as follows:

Finance Committee: Deals with all areas of the Association and its finances. Reviews monthly and annual financial statements for all VOCA Departments. Reviews budgets from all VOCA Departments and recommends for approval to the Board.

Architectural Review and Restrictions Committee: Reviews and approves permits for new construction and exterior improvements (such as painting, reroofing, fencing, additions, etc.) ensuring that the Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (CC&R’s) for the subdivisions are maintained. If violations occur, the committee is empowered to issue fines.

House & Grounds Committee: Reviews the condition and maintenance of physical assets owned by the Association (such as the community center, park, parking lot, tennis courts, basketball court, etc.) and determines the need for improvements.

Greens Committee: Reviews and recommends policies and procedures for the operation of the golf course. Acts as the voice of the Golf Members to the golf course and Association administration.

Activities Committee: Plans and coordinates a wide range of activities (such as New Year’s Eve Party, Concert in the Park, 4th of July Parade and Picnic, Valentine’s Day Party, etc.).

Policy Committee: Prepares changes and modifications to the Association’s Policies and Procedures under the direction of the Board.

Attend Board and Committee Meetings: Meetings are open to all VOCA Members. All meeting dates are published in the Villager calendar. Board agendas are posted prior to the Board Meetings at the community center and for Members who have provided their e-mail address to the VOCA Office, the agenda is sent via an e-mail message.

By attending, you will be better informed in the matters impacting your association. Your input is valued by the board and committees. This year, the board is hopeful of having greater attendance at its meetings.

I would like to emphasize a couple additional points:

• The association historically has been under-represented by members from the VOCA subdivisions on the east side of Highway 179. We hope to see expanded participation from these members.

• Golf membership has never been a requirement for eligibility for the board.

• If you are a VOC resident who is not a VOCA member, we hope you are active with your subdivision and its involvement in the Big Park Regional Coordinating Council.

Remember, the more involvement we have from our members, the stronger the association will be. If you wish to get additional information on these opportunities, please feel free to visit the VOCA office or call (928) 284-1820.

Reminder: Don’t forget VOCA’s Valentine’s Day Dinner and Dance on Feb. 14. No-host cocktails at 5 p.m. with buffet dinner from 6-9 p.m. Music by Village Jazz Ensemble. All of this for $29.50 per person (tax and tip included).

Call the VOCA Office for reservations until Feb. 10.

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