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Volunteers salvage school use for dog walkers

February – the days are getting longer, the sun is warming the air, and spring is on the way. 

It seems like every month I am writing about dogs and their owners.  I love dogs, have always owned one, and presently I have a basset hound, Samson. 

In last month’s Villager I wrote that I was going to lock the gate to our playground and put up signs asking dog owners to walk their dogs elsewhere. 

This action was a result of several incidences of students stepping in dog poop as they play out on the fields.  As you can imagine, most responsible dog owners understood where I was coming from and found other places for their dogs.  But the problem still persists and dog poop is still being left behind. 

One good thing that came out of this situation is that I met with several dog owners about finding a compromise, a way to keep our playgrounds clean and still allow dogs. 

They had several options for me to consider and the one that made the most sense was for several volunteers to check the playground every morning before the start of the school day. 

So we will try this out starting in February.  The gates will be open and new signs will be put up asking for dog owners to be responsible.  If you are interested in helping out on the morning checkups, please call Nancy Palmer (847-354-2876), John Harris (284-1704), or Steve Bramon (202-8566). 

The Sedona Kiwanis Club sponsors two events for us every year – a Geography Bee and a Spelling Bee.  I bet a lot of you remember these contests from when you were in school, they have been around for years. 

Our librarian, Tana Williams, is responsible for organizing the events and does a great job. 

The winner of the Geography Bee is Trevor Slattery, a fifth-grade student of Mrs. Diane Walter and the winner of the Spelling Bee is Gabriel DeLuz, a 5th grade student of Mrs. Ramirez.

They were competing against students in grades three through eight so it is a great accomplishment to come in first as a fifth grader. 

As you can hopefully see, Big Park Community School wants to work together with community members and be a positive part of the daily life in the Village.

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